''"The Crossbones Exchange would paint me as some kind of evil money grubbing aristocrat, just because I want to make a profit off my hard work. To them I say this, we make the things that let the everyman enjoy a level of comfort that has not been seen in another time in recorded history. There is nothing wrong with a person wanting to be paid a fair wage for the work he's done. Remember the programs you hack and equipment you modify are the beating heart at the core of what you created and was made in our labs from our ideas, and we wont stand to be stolen from."

Alen Richards Ultima Engineering Senior VP

They are the Builders, the Dreamers, the Makers. Ultima Engineering is the branch responsible for the production of the majority of Ultima consumer goods from Nanites to post hole diggers. They provide affordable products to the Inner Universe as well as shipping to The Frontier. No matter the Widget, odds are that Ultima has someone or ones studying it and looking for ways to improve it.

Broken into a number of smaller divisions, Engineering is by far the largest branch of Ultima Corp.

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