The FrontierEdit

The Inner Universe's wild, dangerous and vaguely sleazy sister, where systems and patches of space trade hands and change flags on a month-to-month basis; where the discovery of new systems and worlds can mean uncovering a treasure trove or resources or sealing your own fate (sometimes elaborately and even hilariously); where freedom from the powerful and ever present ULP comes at the cost of suffering criminals, terrorists, anarchists and xenozoological monstrosities. The law is spread thin here, virtually unenforceable. It's no wonder as to why virtually every illicit organization forced out of the Inner Universe has set its stakes down in the Frontier.

It's in this free, open and often hostile environment that a new breed of mercenary has been sired. Less a soldier of fortune and more of an entrepreneurial enforcer, mercs are the closest thing to law enforcement that serves the people in the Frontier. They are former soldiers; they are ex-cops and ex-crooks; they are brawlers, wrestlers and martial artists; they are leg breakers, toe cutters and scalpers; they are holy men, pagan worshipers and new age mystics of technology; they are madmen, misanthropists and sociopaths; they are anyone and everyone, from all races, castes, creeds, faiths and walks of life.

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