The risks associated with the development of Iamb were apparent from the point when it was first colonized, and as such they have always had a strong militia, but the planet’s increase in popularity after the advent of the Movie District attracted the notice of several space pirate groups and various other forms of organized crime. With tourism suffering, The Council on Arts and Culture turned to the Bleeding Hearts in a desperate search for help. The Bleeding Hearts were reluctant to help at first, knowing full well that many of the council members were Radical sympathizers; fortunately for Iamb, the sense of duty of the Bleeding Heart leaders overrode their reluctance to help, and they agreed to help by constructing a large defense post in Sonnet space.

Starbase Prose is primarily used to house Sonnet's forces, but it also functions as a security checkpoint for Iamb, screening incoming travelers for illegal weapons or drugs and departing travelers for stolen or forged artwork.

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