Skarsal Venn is an assassin of notorious repute. Implicated in the deaths of dozens of people, he is wanted on 232 different planets. Venn prefers close-quarters work and only in rare instances does he resort to long range killings. Many see this as a display of his great skill, as it much more difficult to get close enough to a target to use close-quarter weapons.


Although at first glance it may seem that Venn works purely for profit, experts assert that his methods indicate a higher purpose. However, there are dissenting opinions what this purpose is.

Bleeding HeartsEdit

It is easy to see Venn as a puristic killer, cleansing the 'verse of scum and lowlifes, indeed this is the most widespread belief among scholars studying Venn, however, the assassination of Gabriel Malak, a captain in the Bleeding Hearts, casts a shadow on this line of reasoning. Proponents of this theory argue that Malak was corrupt and Venn was purging the traitor.


Higher purpose in this theory just means higher pay grade. According to this argument, Venn has been contracted to the Corpers for a huge sum to be their private assassin, taking care care of rivals and data-pirates.

Board of ScholarsEdit

Scholar doesn't normally connote a shadowy figure armed with military grade weapons; however, seeing Venn as a careful pruning instrument cutting off those opposed to The Library's agenda doesn't take a huge leap of the imagination.


The theory that Skarsal Venn is involved in some kind of intergovernmental conspiracy is laughable and usually subscribed to by those who believe Ultima Division 42 really exists.

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