The massive Omega t'kon asteroid has assumed an elliptic orbit around PAX's Primary. On its path through the system's asteroid belts, it gathers a number of smaller asteroids in its wake. Once per year, when it reaches perigree with the PAX star, magnetic resonance causes six violent solar flares that engulf Omega t'kon and the asteroids that trail it. Each flare forces more and more of the trailing asteroids away from Omega t'kon in a brilliant spectacle, until the end when Omega t'kon passes out of range of the star's influence. Curiously, each year one asteroid has crashed into Omega t'kon, creating a "sea" on its surface, while another has fallen into a dedicated orbit, guaranteeing it will be back the following year. As of yet, no returning asteroid has made it through the flares a second time.

All residents of the PAX system watch Omega t'kon pass through the six flares, which they call "rounds." It has become quite the event: bets are placed on each round, and favorites are picked and rooted for. It is the one event that truly transcends the War for Control of the PAX System.

The Seas of Omega t'kon (previous asteroids that have become forever a part of its face) are the Sea of Celaya, the Sea of Coreside, and the Sea of LeRoy.

The asteroids being pulled by Omega t'kon this year

   * Davertron (returning from the last Orbit)
   * CynderCyn
   * zombiebot
   * jdarksun
   * LordThanda
   * majin23x
   * Riggz13
   * Accalon
   * SabreCat
   * Vane518
   * MNC Dover
   * Reverend
   * bluecanary
   * baubert
   * LogicLB
   * MT_Max
   * wetzelcoatl
   * Tony_B
   * CK20XX
   * itojetto

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