The Mathode Alliance is an intergalactic crime syndicate dedicated to controlling the 'verse. They are reputed to have members planted in the Big Seven governments and other important organizations. As of now law enforcement agencies have been unable to pursue any leads.



The Mathode Alliance takes an active interest in technology advancements and often buys out the research mere days before it is to be made public.

Weapon SalesEdit

Professor ROZ-46163 estimates that half of the Mathode Alliances profits come from weapon sales. These weapons go to all ends of the spectrum; Corpers, CBX, Bleeding Hearts, and Radicals. The Mathode Alliance gains from the conflict that these groups are in as it is a constant source of revenue.


Many a shipment of expensive goods has been waylaid by the Mathode Alliance. Sleek assault ships disable the target, while elite boarding teams secure the cargo. Ship captains have often resorted to outfitting their ships with secret compartments to store the cargo but it does not help them. The Mathode Alliance kills all prisoners so that there are no ways back to them.

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