Statistics TimelineEdit

TerraDrive Universe Launch: June 29, 1:30pm (PDT)
Initial setup included 7 articles.

Day 1Edit

  • Page Views: 1,504
  • Edits: 35
  • Total Articles: 29

Week 1Edit

  • Page Views: 7,110
  • Edits: 480
  • Total Articles: 150

Month 1Edit

  • Page Views: 32,165
  • Edits: 1,768
  • Total Articles: 448

Notable Events TimelineEdit

  • June 29: TerraDrive Live and the TerraDrive Universe is announced on the PAX website, and the TerraDrive Universe goes live.
  • July 5: A TerraDrive Live player announces on a TerraDrive Universe talk page that he plans on cosplaying for his faction (he is a Corper and plans on wearing a suit).
  • July 13: Players begin to take events occurring at PAX and fold them into the TerraDrive Universe in a representative way, for example, naming planets in the PAX system after parts of the convention hall (e.g. Ta'letop and La'an), a complex asteroid-star interaction after the Omegathon event (see Omega t'kon asteroid), and even a comet after Wil Wheaton (W'eaton comet).
  • July 30: The PMS Clan announces that they are taking over a color faction in the TerraDrive Universe, and will represent Bleeding Hearts in TerraDrive Live at PAX.

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